DOCSTREAM: Fundamental for Document Management

For Whom DocStream is a Document Management software for medium to large-sized public and private organisations that guarantees, in a simple and flexible fashion, rigorousness and control over document production, approval and distribution. This software is a solution developed by MIGG Systems based on its web data engine QStream iCompliance 5.0.

Why you need a DMS Most organisations deal with thousands of documents and have to ensure that the right information reaches the right person. The traditional lifecycle of managing documentation from initial document preparation using a Word Processor, to approval via email and distribution of PDF´s using the organisation’s intranet, is dependent on the fulfilment, rigorousness and seriousness of all those who intervene in the process. As the number of intervenients increases and the document repository grows and matures, the probability of non conformities in document management increases exponentially. It becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that documents are reviewed and approved by the relevant persons, the probability that obsolete copies remain generally available becomes a real threat that can lead to discontinued procedures being still in force. To address these issues and reduce the risk of non compliance, organisations can invest in a Document Management software to manage the documentation’s complete life cycle, from document elaboration, through approval and distribution all the way up to obsolescence.

Meeting needs, satisfying Regulatory Compliance DocStream enables the implementation and control of the document management policy, in accordance with the needs of the organization and regulatory requirements such as ISO9000-2000 or the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11.

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MIGG offers Software Solutions for Document Management, Training Management and Data Mining, for medium to large-sized public and private organizations where compliance with regulatory requirements is top on their list of priorities.

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