NAVSTREAM - web surfing your SAP data

Navstream is a unified web information portal that provides users with secure and audited access to corporate data that is scattered across existing information systems and corporate databases. Navstream consolidates, unifies, standardizes and facilitates access to corporate data by focusing pn ease of use to allow users access information relating to their business activity that would otherwise be restricted to technical users. Navstream provides management and other occasional users with the freedom to surf on existing corporate data such as sales, manufacturing, analytical or any other data held within exsiting systems using a simple web browser and with no training required.

For Whom Navstream targets medium to large-sized public and private organisations that already operate complex systems such as ERP and other database systems including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle and are intent on maximizing the reach of existing information to the maximum number of users at minimum cost. Navstream has been successfully deployed with SAP R3 and Labware LIMS, for more information please contact us at

Reaching out to users Navstream is pivotable in extending the reach of existing corporate knowledge to users that would otherwise be restricted through lack of software licenses, lack of training or simply by not knowing that the information was available in the first place.

Reaching out to customers Navstream is the ideal solution to provide web access to existing corporate data and give your customers secure access to manufacturing, ordering or other information held in your corporate databases.

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